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About Lead Photograpaher Tammy J. Lackore

Tammy J. Lackore 

In writing a bio about myself I have to think of how unusual life can be and how blessed each of us are.  I grew up in Florida as an adopted child of two very sweet people who were artistic, creative and amazing at showing true love.  I used to say my interest in photography began when I had my family, but my first camera was when I was 10 and yes, I did have a Polaroid camera then too!  I still have photos from high School those of you out there beware.

Fast forward to today. I am a wife and Mother of 4 and have 7 Grandchildren. Talk about being blessed and thankful. I am so privileged t work along side of my Daughter and Husband in the Wedding Industry. I am Married to the famous Rev. Rick. Cali is one of our second shooters and soon to be a Lead Photographer. Our Love Story is pretty cute. We met at a Roller Skating Rink. I won't tell you the year but think of skates with 4 wheels. LOL. Anyway, I being more concerned with the music playing than actually skating I fell down and when I looked up there was this beautiful blue eyed boy giving me his hand. The rest is Romance and History. We Love our Family and WE Love what we do and every single couple is special to us. 

Photographing Once In A Lifetime Love Stories is what we have a passion for at True Love Photography.  We Love the responses when our clients receive their photos. "Oh My, that is us"?  Tears and big Smiles...

Weddings should have a mix of photographic styles to cover your wedding day to it's fullest. The perfect mix of "Fine Art" - (well composed bridal and couple photographs), "Photojournalistic"  - (the silent observer), "Lifestyle" - (candid with some direction), "Classic" - (posed portraits - family etc.), "Dramatic" - (off camera flash). We approach every wedding with this in mind. Post production is also extremely Important to discuss with your Photographer. Deciding your style such as "Light and Airy", "Vintage", "Dark and Moody Matte" or "Full Color" These are style decisions you make with True Love Photography. We meet with each couple and go through the process of finding out what your dream wedding photographs are and create a wedding day "Story Book" and timeline for direction and inspiration to use and refer to on your wedding day. Our personal processing style pick is classic and modern keeping colors true to life giving you timeless photographs for years to come. We would love to meet with you for a free consult and be a part of your "Once In A Lifetime Love Story".

Tammy J. Lackore

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