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Best viewed using Google Chrome. What are you reading? Main menu Post navigation Saving the Interplanetary Family The Interplanetary Transport System has now emerged as one of NASA’s highest-profile projects, and the choices being made around its architecture are going to have an impact on the families who use the system. Most spacecraft carry their families with them, but the Isro’s Interplanetary Spaceship is going to be an interplanetary family. Given the scale of the journey, and the isolation that might last for years, ISRO says that family may be very important. Not only can family support each other in times of distress, but the carefully balanced dynamic of an extended family also helps to keep the mental health of the crew in good shape. As a first step in ensuring that their families have a good experience, ISRO is planning to demonstrate a concept of a real family on the mission, with a father and mother and children of varying ages. They have also arranged for people from other families to be on board to demonstrate their importance to the family as a whole. It’s a bold move and I’m not sure it will work, but it certainly sets the scene for the rest of the mission. For those who are interested, you can read more about the concept of the family in the newest issue of the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets. This paper lays out the idea, and I encourage you to get a copy if you are interested. Like this: LikeLoading... Related 2 thoughts on “Saving the Interplanetary Family” Very interesting on the idea of family support on the flight, particularly that of a extended family. I agree with you about the other family that is on board to demonstrate the benefits of family support. I’d like to add one more point about the philosophy of the family, and why this may be necessary. I don’t think the family as demonstrated in the journal article is real family. You are correct in that it shows a family with a father and mother, but without the diversity that family life involves. You might have two heterosexual couples in one family, but you also have children who are homosexual, single parents, lesbians, homosexual couples with children, children with autism, children with Downs Syndrome, and the like. All these people will need different kinds of support

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